Rice Recipes

  • Toyo Fried Rice

    The toyo or soy sauce fried rice that you would want to try, with ingredients that are easily available.
  • Asparagus Rice

    It only takes a short time to cook this rice recipe with one of the most nutritious vegetable - asparagus. Something unique to cook for the whole family. 

  • Best-Ever Rice Pudding

    To all our OFWs in China and the rest of Asia, did you know that rice pudding originated in China??

    Check out the easiest rice recipe that you can make!

  • Spicy Crab Sushi Rolls Recipe

    Spicy Crab Sushi Rolls Recipe - a very simple sushi recipe that you can try at home!
  • Java Rice with Pork chop

    Best way to cook java rice paired with pork chop. Such a perfect combination!


  • Kale & Kimchi Fried Rice

    Bring fried rice to life in this speedy supper with punchy, fermented kimchi.
  • Jambalaya Rice Dish

    Try something new today! Try this Jambalaya rice dish now.
  • Lemon Brown Rice with Garlic

    This tangy brown rice dish can be served warm, or chilled as a salad or side.
  • Shrimp Fried Rice

    How to cook shrimp fried rice the easiest way
  • Mediterranean Fried Rice

    Experience Greece with this spin on the Asian rice. 
  • This is How To Store Cooked Rice Properly

    How do you store your cooked rice?
  • Longganisa Fried Rice

    Delicious longganisa fried rice that is so easy to prepare!