Spicy Crab Sushi Rolls Recipe

Did you know that you can make a delicious roll at home with a few key ingredients? This spicy crab variety utilizes inexpensive imitation crab, called surimi, to create the beloved creamy and piquant roll. If you’ve got fresh crab on hand—lucky you!—it would be delicious in surimi’s place

An exciting new recipe that any OFW can try wherever you are in the world! Canada, USA, Australia? Go and try this one! 



  • 6 oz. surimi (imitation crab)
  • 3 tbsp. mayonnaise (preferably Kewpie)
  • 2 tbsp. sriracha 
  • 1/4 tsp. ground cayenne (optional)
  • 4 toasted nori sheets
  • 3 c. sushi rice, divided
  • 1 Persian cucumber, peeled and julienned, divided
  • 1 bunch of chives, divided
  • Toasted sesame seeds, for garnish




  1. Pull surimi into long, thin strands and transfer to a medium bowl. Add mayonnaise, sriracha, and cayenne, if using, and mix well to combine.
  2. On a bamboo mat, arrange 1 nori sheet shiny side down. Spoon 3/4 cup rice over nori. Using wet hands, press rice into an even layer on nori, leaving the top 20% uncovered. Arrange one-quarter of surimi mixture in center of rice horizontally in a straight line. Arrange one-quarter of cucumber and one-quarter of chives over surimi mixture.
  3. Lift bamboo mat from end closest to you and use it to guide edge of rice into a tight spiral. Firmly squeeze along mat to compact roll, then continue rolling in a spiral log to seal edge. Repeat with remaining ingredients to make 3 more rolls.
  4. Let rolls sit 10 minutes before slicing. Cut each roll into 1" pieces. Garnish with sesame seeds.






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